Station Break '45' [1969]

Forward into the Past '45' [1969]

Planet Proctor

Now in its 12th year, featuring "Phil's Phunny Phacts"

Firesign from the Inside

Taylor Jessen is a longtime TFT assistant

Unintentional Irony

A blog about Firesign by James Killus

Firesign Interview

Some questions for Ossman & Bergman

I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus

Preemptive Satire of Themed Design and Development (Among Other Things)

The Whole Story Up To Now

Cosmik Debris' unofficial TFT discography

The Martian Space Party Diary

A Chronicle of The Firesign Theatre by David Ossman

Cosmik Debris

Paul Remington's 1998 Firesign interviews

The Firesign Theatre's Interactive Ramblings

"Eat or Be Eaten" explores new technology

Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death

A review by David Gans

2005 National Recording Registry

Firesign's "Dwarf" is one of 50 influential recordings

Homeland Security, According to Firesign Theatre

All Things Considered, 2002

Firesign Says Goodbye

70's home movie w/ 90's audio added

Nick Danger Live

A segment from "Weirdly Cool" in 2001


Phil is an artist, graphic designer, writer, and Firesign aficionado

Cafe Press

Your source for Firesign T-shirts, hats, buttons, and so on

Home of the Firesign Theatre Canonical irReference


A combination Wiki + Blog with an extensive Firesign database

Firesign Theatre Webring

The one and only TFT Webring

Merlyn LeRoy's Web Page

Brian is co-webmeister of the official Firesign Theatre website

Scott Stewart's Comic Book Art

Scott designed the original Chromium Switch logo, and contributed his cartoons to my newsletter

The Worlds of William Stout

A Dear Friend of Firesign, he's the artist for the Next World album, and the ad-hoc newsletter "Mixville Rocket"

They're in *Everybody's* Eggs

Richard Arnold's site for all you Seekers