Edgar at 'Martian Space Party'
Edgar is "the" Edgar listed on production credits to several Firesign albums

Edgar Bullington`s
Firesign Theatre History

This is a collection of the only known surviving letters I wrote as a self-appointed stringer for Chromium Switch, reporting directly from The Firesign Theatre’s career in Hollywood to editor/publisher Tom in Lincoln, Nebraska. Because the early letters have not survived, neither of us is certain exactly when they started. While I’d been writing to the Fireguys for some time, our first official contact was a KPFK broadcast. That night, I was invited to the Bozos sessions at CBS; just as they were beginning work on Side 2. The lost letters to Tom definitely covered those sessions, the Space Party, Not Insane sessions, Dear Friends, TV or Not TV sessions, and other related Fireactivities. These surviving jabs cover 1972 through Next World.

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Not Insane or
Anything You Want To

Most of the live material on this album was recorded during the Martian Space Party radio broadcast (which was also filmed). That footage later became available on the VHS release Firesign Funnies, and later on DVD as Firesign Theatre: All-Day Matinee

The Tale of the
Giant Rat of Sumatra

"Matilda Briggs was not the name of a young woman, Watson," said Holmes in a reminiscent voice. "It was a ship which is associated with the giant rat of Sumatra, a story for which the world is not yet prepared."

Everything You Know
Is Wrong

The name of a "Weird Al" Yankovic song on the Bad Hair Day album, and a Chumbawamba song on the Un album. EYKIW is also the name of three different books, by Paul Kirchner (1995), Lloyd Pye (1997), and Russ Kick/Disinfo (2002); and it's also a message on the Silly level of "Marble Madness."

In the Next World,
You're on Your Own

This album was recorded in the same Warner Brothers studio in Burbank where John Lennon and Harry Nilsson recorded "Pussy Cats." (Also same engineer at the boards).

Edgar Bullington's Firesign Theatre History

His fascinating, behind-the-scenes account of those magical times

Not Insane - Martian Space Party - TV or Not TV

October 1972 through June 1973

Ash Grove - TV or Not TV - Giant Rat

October 1973 - Saturday Evening Post mentions TFT

KPFK Benefit

December 1973 - Firesign at The Palladium

What This Country Needs - Anytown, USA

February 1974 - News on P&B and TFT tours

What This Country Needs

February 1974 - The RCA Studio sessions

UCLA Royce Hall

April 1974 - One of the early "Anytown, USA" shows

Anytown, USA

June 1974 - Continuing the Summer tour reviews

Everything You Know Is Wrong

July 1974 - Fun on The Burbank Studios lot

Everything You Know Is Wrong

August 1974 - Among other news, Proctor's great Mary Tyler
Moore biography

Big Mystery Joke Book - EYKIW

August 1974 - Straight Arrow Books, plus Harry, Art, and Nino

Everything You Know Is Wrong

August 1974 - Back in the days of Stereo and Quad

   EYKIW Film - TV or Not TV Film

December 1974 - News and reviews about Firesign in films and on the air, plus "Emmylou Papoon"

In the Next World, You're on Your Own

March 1975 - More Burbank Studios with Tom and assorted guests