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Monday, October 25, 1972

Tom -

A quick response. Thanks for OK on buttons, etc. Have use for them. Item on reverse of this sheet was found in a college bar in Long Beach, where I placed Papoon stuff until new manager took over. Not Insane album finished last Friday, should be released by first of November. Also, book is supposed to reach LA stands this week. Album is basically a strange and wonderful mix of Martian Space Party material, plus Ash Grove, plus new stuff. Radio Prison, a time lock echo a-la a couple of the radio shows, where-in Filipino culture is bounced through the ages, showing its component parts from English, Spanish, Oriental cultures. That's from Proctor. It is, indeed, a spacey album. More later, if you wish.

Martian Space Party film just optioned by same people who have Reefer Madness.

They will play either separately or together (it wasn't clearly explained to me) on campuses around country. Grassroots Doug Feldman and Lee McLaren run a film festival at a Temple on Pico near Fox Studios, LA. Steve G. has arranged for them to show Space Party Oct. 6. They'll run it with What's Up Tiger Lily?

As to other news, Proctor is appearing on Ralph Story AM TV today, and possibly as a regular in near future. A Safe Place opens in LA this week. Suggest you write David for other news. Must go, as work beckons, and I'm out of space.



Tom –

Out of my unanswered mail pile now comes your brown letterhead. As usual, by the time I've gotten to you, you have all the news and more accurately than I do. This comes from not keeping up correspondence.

Spent last Sunday in Santa Barbara with David and Tiny, plus grassroots Lee, Doug, Rose, and special guests Harry and Penny Shearer. (He is from Credibility Gap.) All in all, it was a good day, but not much news came from it, as it was a group thing. David now finally has a stereo reel to reel tape deck, now needs a 78rpm turntable to complete his home studio. He and Tiny still do Rainbow Café on UCSB radio station – 10 watts of power – every Sunday, 11pm-1am. All of us were present for Sunday's show, with Harry and Penny (who does folk-song trip) as on-mike guests. The show is a relaxed talk-music thing very much like Radio Free Oz was at one point in its history. The show is basically Tiny, but David gets in a lot of his trips, ie. the old music from 20's-30's, and "pure radio things" such as the tape he played us of the first show with guest Wally Cox. The dream is to do the show directly from their living room – the college seems willing but not ready. After the first of the year, they go to an earlier time slot Sundays (8-10) allowing me more of an opportunity to visit.

On Sunday's show, I was named President of The Funny Names Club of America.

Footnote: December 6 is David's birthday. Not Insane is not available in any Santa Barbara record store. As to the film, it's been blown up to 35mm, and is being distributed to theatres. The 16mm is making the college circuit. Both prints seem to be doing well where shown, but neither has been released to anyone in California. WHY? Well, that's show biz. Word has it we may get one of the prints after the first of the year.

David, Tiny and Anna Lee are writing a film. David is producing and directing, with Peter Acting Producer. It will be the first production for Hot Roach Productions, and the working title is "The Life and Times of Mercedes Savoy." It will star Tiny and Anna Lee, featuring The Three Marks (a local trio of young freaks) with cameo roles by a number of Dear Friends. It goes into production around the first of February. All the above is news from Santa Barbara.