Everything You Know
Is Wrong

Postmarked 7-18-74

Tom –

This one will be short – I promise. 'Twas good to speak to you on de fone. As per our discussion, I spoke at the guys, asking that they reach you this week for a newsletter. It may do you well to wait another week, to give them a chance to get things together, as they go into Warner Bros. to record new Firesign album next Monday. Apparently, there were two local TV news interviews with the guys in the last couple of days. One was "Eye Witness News" (which I missed). Mr. Punter said that it was around PA's pool, with Peter BBQing a rubber chicken and discussing the quality of the rubber since the war. Austin was discussing money. He tore a $1,000.00 bill into six pieces, said if he put it under his pillow, it would be eight pieces in the morning. PP discussed his favorite topic, cen..s..p – All were pleased with TV coverage. PP says these spots have finally convinced Firesign that TV is palatable – and have formally introduced the group to television so that they are acceptable. Nice, yes?

Saturday's show at Santa Monica was very strong - perhaps too strong.
They seemed to be trying very hard to make their points.

There were some new costume pieces and the story was told much better than before. P. Austin was a little hoarse and there were some line problems. Second act smoothed out some. The audience was amazing – your usual S.Calif. stoner/drunk in jeans and wool shirt off the street – "Al right!" "Rock and Roll!" kind of folk. They were very spirited – there for a good time. Tim Weisberg did a full set – very impressive, and the kind of electric thing to complement the Firesign. The house was full. (I think Phil P said 2200, or something like that).

Party afterwards on the grounds was a delight. Frank Sharga and Columbia once again on hand with Coors and Almaden Burgundy and Chablis. R. Schulenberg; Henry Diltz (famous rock & roll photographer); Jack and Ms. Poet; Austin's parents; lots of the same faces; Mark Leviton; Paul T; Sheila Proctor-Wells; Oona; Tiny and her family; local DJ Fred Jones ("Birddog") and his comedy group, all were laughing, talking, being one and all Dear Friends. Most there had seen at least two of the concerts on this tour. Also on hand were Tim W. and his friends and neighbors. A sterling evening, which ended up at about 3AM with Phil, Sheila, and a friend of theirs looking for the Proctor auto. After two trips around the building and several minutes of "hallowing" each other across various areas of the parking lot, we found the auto behind a bush. (It is a small car, you understand).

Am sending along Royce Hall. Hope it plays well. That's all the vital news. There's a lot of trivia (all of it fascinating) but I'm sleepy. Write or something when you can. (Also, if possible, send ABC-TV "Ralph Story" copy).

See ya,


Tom –

Everything You know Is Wrong

Album begun on Wednesday, this week, at Warner Bros. Records (on The Burbank Studios – TBS – lot). Sessions are 10-6; and are in one of the music dubbing rooms, thus there is a movie screen, decorative curtains, a podium, and massive amounts of electronic equipment.

The album is being designed for Quad, and the engineer said their Quad system is one of the cleanest in Los Angeles.

(No doubt, since it serves several recording companies and two film studios). The studio also features an observation balcony. The control booth is comfortable (the one at Columbia was always very cold) and has room for about 5-6 guests before it gets crowded.

Two young guys are doing the electronics – Frank pushes buttons, Andy is Master. A third fellow, Tony, is there to set mikes and move things. Firesign are pleased with the studio (Burbank is out of Downtown, Anywhere), and they are getting better treatment than anywhere thus far. There is good possibility they will do much future work there.